Cylinder Boring & Sleeve Replacement
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Motorcycle, ATV, and small engine cylinder boring.
  We at Middleburg Power Equipment use state of the art Boring and honing equipment to ensure you are getting the best bore for true piston placement. After boring the cylinder is followed by rigid honing and a final special crosshatching, this produces a very nice finish.  All boring is constantly checked throughout process for trueness.  Torque Plates are used where applicable.  Any 2-cycle cylinder ports are chamfered at an additional cost of 10.00.  Price is for (1) cylinder only.  Please remove anything that will interfere with the cylinder from being bored.  SHIPPING CHARGES ARE SEPPARATE.  You can supply pistons or I can order them for you.  If supplying pistons, please make sure you have the right oversize, or else non-clean-up of cylinder may occur, which is not any responsibility of Middleburg Power Equipment.  If you are not sure, I recommend shipping cylinder first, and I will measure it and give you a recommendation for free.  If cylinder is un-usable, it will be up to you to pay for shipping back and a re-stock fee of the piston if it is ordered through me.  Any over bores in excess of .050" (boring .050" or more of material) out will be subject to additional fee.  Prices for cylinders:  1cyl: $55.  2cyl's $110 Example:  If you send a set of cylinders from a Harley, price would be $100 plus cost for shipping.  We don't re-plate nickel or chrome cylinders and can't re-bore them; however we can install cast-iron sleeves.  I warranty all of my work to be correct, but cannot be held responsible for anything after the item(s) leave my shop.  If you have any questions please let us know.

Thanks for your Business and hope we can be of service for your rebuilding needs.